Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To protect and provide System benefits through the highest quality delivery of service for our members and the employer, prudently fulfilling our fiduciary duties of investment and conservation of Trust assets.

Board and Staff Commitment

We promise to carry out our Mission through a competent, professional, impartial and open decision-making process.

In providing benefits and services, all persons will be treated fairly, with courtesy and respect.  Assets will be invested and administered to balance the need to control risk with superior performance.  We expect excellence in all activities.  We will also be accountable and act in accordance with the law.


  • To create an environment in which Board Members can maximize their performance as trustees.
  • To improve business processes and our delivery of services provided to members and retirees.
  • To improve communications with members, retirees and the employer.
  • To attract, develop and retain competent and professional staff.
  • To achieve and maintain a superior investment performance on a risk controlled basis as measured by the Public Fund Universe.