CFRS Realty Holding Corporation

The City of Fresno Retirement Systems (CFRS) are collectively sole shareholders of the CFRS Realty Holding Corporation, a nonprofit corporation, incorporated in the state of California on April 3, 2003 for acquiring the rental property for the Retirement Office and Boards. In May 2003, the CFRS Realty Holding Corporation acquired the office building at 2828 Fresno Street located in Fresno, California.  CFRS Retirement Office began to occupy a portion of the office space in September 2005.

On behalf of the CFRS Boards, Staff issue an annual Financial Statement for CFRS Realty Holding Corporation, audited by the independent accounting firm, Brown Armstrong.

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For the Year Ending June 30, 2021

For the Year Ending June 30, 2020

For the Year Ending June 30, 2019

For the Year Ending June 30, 2018